24 minutes of calma

calma sessions slot easily into the common 30 minute block diary and require no change of clothing,
yoga mats or props of any sort. The 24 minutes that make up a calma session invest one minute for every hour of the day 
in creating a calm and focused state of mind, resting in a flexible tension free body. 
A calma session focuses on:

creating space (asana)

Undergo gentle movements and stretches that release tension, tightness and pain, to create space
and freedom in the physical body. You will also open up and increase the circulation to all areas of your body.

the breath (pranayama)

Learn to breathe in a conscious way to clear away any 'fogginess' of the brain, increase lung capacity, 
and oxygenate your body for optimal brain functioning. 
Breath awareness will relax your nervous system, slow down your heart rate, and calm your mind.

stillness (meditation) 

Experience stillness and learn to sit and reconnect your core. By turning inward you will explore the functioning of your mind,
become more aware and learn to relax consciously. Most of all, you will learn to find peace and calm in your everyday life.